Strata Partners

Strata Identity’s partner ecosystem is designed to help our customers to create and maintain a distributed, multi cloud identity fabric, the first of its kind.

Cloud Service & Technology Partners

Strata Identity partners with each of the major cloud service providers, using Maverics open source software to create an abstraction layer across cloud identity APIs. With the right identity system set up on each cloud, you can securely move workloads onto and across clouds with confidence. We also work with trusted technology providers to build solutions for the hardest hybrid and multi cloud identity problems. Through our technology partnerships, we help our customers reduce the cost, complexity, and timelines associated with identity migrations and modernization.

Automatically create identity to protect infrastructure and apps.

Protect enterprise workloads on GCP with automated identity integration.

Migrate on premises identities to Azure AD.

Modernize identity along with applications and infrastructure.

Automatically move legacy IAM configuration and policy into Okta.

Strata works with the services and tech you already use.

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