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Strata is the leading provider of identity migration and modernization solutions to the hybrid and multi-cloud enterprise.

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Migrate legacy identity systems to the cloud faster and cheaper than ever before.

Identity upgrades and migrations are hard. These projects can last for a year or more, cost more than a million dollars, and consume the time and expertise of critical staff.

Strata simplifies migrations

Strata builds tools to secure, analyze, and orchestrate identity data, policies, configurations, and integrations as you move from your on premises platform to the cloud identity system of your choice.

Strata protects investments

Choose as your migration target the native identity system of an infrastructure provider such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform or an Identity as a Service (IDaaS) provider such as Okta.

Strata secures identities

Strata secures your identity data end to end, encrypts data in transit and at rest, automatically creates configurations for your cloud identity system, and imports identities and policies into that system to enforce access to applications and services across your hybrid or multi-cloud deployments.


Cloud Identity Strategy

Use our vendor agnostic Strategy Services to evaluate your cloud identity strategy, migration options and determine the best approach to migrate your legacy identity systems to the cloud. Should you ‘lift and shift’ your identity infrastructure and rehost it in the cloud? Will you refactor and re-architect on the way to a modernized and distributed identity system? What are your best options with available cloud identity solutions?

Identity Integration

We build the tools in Maverics to simplify and streamline the integration process. Maverics provides gateways for both on premises software and cloud identity systems to automate and orchestrate migration tasks. Maverics is engineered with low/no-code integrations that eliminate the need to learn proprietary APIs or maintain custom integration code.

Identity Migration

Use our identity migration services to move identities, policies, and configurations to the cloud provider of your choice. During this process, you will map legacy identity systems onto cloud identity systems and point your applications to your new identity provider. Migrations are performed one time, with all data moving from the source to the target system, or incrementally, with users and groups moving gradually into the target system.

Identity Security

Use our security services to define the security and risk posture for the distributed identity system you are building during this migration to the cloud. Put in place data protection practices, including determining where and how to encrypt sensitive identity data, implementing a key management strategy that allows you full control over the generation, management, and storage of encryption keys, and enforcing access control policies and procedures that ensure security best practices and compliance.

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